Terms & Conditions

The London Ballet Company

Before/After School Club Terms and Conditions

All those wishing to attend our extra curricular provisions must agree to all of our terms and conditions set out below.

1. By signing up to The London Ballet Company’s (referred to herein after as TLBC) extra curricular provision you are signing up to the full term of dates dictated upon booking.

2. TLBC does not provide refunds for sessions missed for reasons such as but not limited to: sickness, external appointments eg. doctors, injury or change of preference.

3. You must provide us with any medical conditions or allergies before the first date of our clubs.

4. In the event where TLBC must cancel a session due to teacher absence, an appropriate replacement session will be arranged.

a) If your child is unable to make the replacement session you will not be offered a Refund.

b) If there is no appropriate time available for a replacement session, funds will be carried over to the next term and deducted from the total.

c) Should your child not continue with our club a refund will be offered to you as Credit.

d) If insufficient children are signed up to our class you will be offered either credit for the next term or a refund.

5. The cancellation rights generally available to consumers in accordance with their statutory rights do not apply to classes provided by us.

a) In order to cancel your place, one month of notice must be given in writing.

aa) In writing refers to writing in email directly to bethany@thelondonballetcompany.co.uk and not to the school holding our club.

6. TLBC reserves the rights to change our terms and conditions at any time to reflect changes in our business or statutory obligations. The new version will be posted in our website and will take place immediately upon publishing.

7. TLBC reserves the right to terminate your child's place should your child’s behaviour put other children at risk.

1) Before termination of your child's place you will be contacted in writing to discuss possible improvements

2) Should no improvements be made, the head of the school hosting our club will be Contacted.

3) Should there still be no improvements your child's place will be terminated.

4) A refund will not be provided in this instance.

8. Parents and guardians should arrive to collect their children on time.

1) Any late collections will receive a fine of £10 for every 5 minutes late.

9. TLBC does not accept liability for loss of any items of clothing or equipment eg lunch boxes or water bottles.

10. TLBC does not offer sibling discount.

11. TLBC does not accept childcare vouchers.