The London Ballet Company produce original works regularly and perform double bill productions in multiple theatres, venues and schools across the U.K. Company Artists collaborate in the creation process of productions, constantly developing skills and versatility in an inclusive environment. 

Upcoming Performances

2023 UK Tour
Double Bill
Cinderella & 00 & His 7

Saturday 15th April | 1:30pm
ArtsDepot, London

Thursday 27th April | 7:30pm
The Apex, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk

Friday 5th May | 7:30pm
Queen's Hall Theatre, Cranbrook, Kent

Saturday 13th May | 7pm
Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Friday 19th May | 7:30pm
The Abbey Theatre, St Albans

The London Ballet Company prides itself on producing pristine, polished and perfected productions, with elements of intense emotion alongside comedic moments. This double-bill performance of Cinderella and 00 & His 7 offers magic, comedy and drama in new versions of a well-known classic and an entertaining spy spoof.


Pandora's Box


Olympic Dream



00 And His 7

The Snow Queen