The London Ballet Company produce original works regularly and perform double bill productions in multiple theatres, venues and schools across the U.K. Company Artists collaborate in the creation process of productions, constantly developing skills and versatility in an inclusive environment. 

Upcoming Performances

2024 UK Tour
Double Bill
Poppy & An Olympic Dream

Saturday 26th October | time tbc
Gransden Hall, Yeovil

Sunday 10th November | Matiné time tbc
Stanley Arts Theatre, London

Saturday 16th November | time tbc

Sunday 17th November | time tbc

Friday 22nd November | 7:30pm
The Point and Berry Theatres, Eastleigh

Sunday 24th November | 7:30pm
Seckford Theatre, Suffolk

Poppy starkly portrays the havoc wreaked by global war on ordinary people. Seen through the innocent eyes of the child Poppy, we follow a family struggling to come to terms with the cataclysmic turn of events of 1914, as they seek to do their duty and rally to their nations cause.

An Olympic Dream
Inspired by the Olympics, we zip, through the eyes of an inspired child's eyes, from the origins in Greece to a packed metro train on a journey and through to the athletes in training. Newspapers proclaim the great event and the flame nears its' journeys end......At last, the opening ceremony. A proud moment. Let the games begin!

The London Ballet Company prides itself on producing pristine, polished and perfected productions, with elements of intense emotion alongside comedic moments. This double-bill performance of Poppy and An Olympic Dream offers emotion, drama and comedy in original productions, which will leave everlasting memories of your time at the theatre.


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Olympic Dream



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