The London Ballet Company, established in 2010 by Director/Dancer Sophie Wright, is a vibrant, creative company whose mission is to personalise ballet performance through original works, with a focus on current events and trends of topical interest. Their storytelling style has met with considerable success in productions such as "Jubilation" - to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee, "Olympic Dream", a homage to the Olympic games, "00 And His 7" - a tongue in cheek adventure into the exciting world of espionage, "Eve" - a celebration of women in society to mark International Women's Day, "Postcard From London" - a tourist's eye view, "Ghost" - a frisson of fear in this exploration of loneliness, "For a Lost Son" - a mother's evocative memories, "The Snow Queen" - a twist to the fairytale to reflect upon sorrow and love, and "Poppy" - commissioned to commemorate World War 1, and to highlight the devastation of war wrought upon society.

With intimate, creative and collaborative performance, The London Ballet Company seeks to provide opportunity and a performance platform to inspire, encourage and nurture future artists in technical excellence and versatility.