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Advanced yoballet fitness
Danceworks, Mayfair, London


general level yoballet fitness

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The Motivation!
YoBallet is an exercise programme developed by Ella Marjorie Betts and Sophie Wright of The London Ballet Company.  The aim, to combine yoga and ballet to produce an exercise regime designed to develop and sustain the core strength which is at the heart of all athletes.  

The Inspiration!
Ballet classes can be taken from a very young age, often at around 3 or 4 years. The classes over time, are carefully structured to help develop the body to gain control over muscles to produce alignment, flexibility and strength. The foundation for dance.
Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines originally from India. The focus is on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental well being. It evokes a relax response which is excellent to alleviate stress.

The Result!
Dancers and athletes are often driven by the pursuit of perfection rather than the pursuit of excellence. This can only lead to disappointment, especially when trying to conform to rigid techniques. It is important to accept ones own body. Yoga allows a tapping into "the self", helping to tune out that self critic. With no emphasis on competition it engenders self confidence and focuses energy where it matters. This opens up possibilities.

The Benefits!
Regular YoBallet classes boost health habits for those who have no intention of becoming the next Darcy Bussell, Andy Murray, Jessica Ennis-Hill, or David Beckham. Although a strong core is at the heart of all athletes it is also a prerequisite for those who want to be empowered by the health benefits of exercise. There are words you might choose to inspire your child or to inspire the child in you:
Strength, Calmness, Flexibility, Focus, Control, Self discipline, Coordination, Self esteem, Balance, Posture,  Discipline, Agility, Alertness, Determination, Assurance, Alignment, Poise, Tenacity, Self reliance.
YoBallet incorporates these words into this unique workout experience. Effort brings its own rewards!