Snow Queen - The Loss of Love
The London Ballet Company’s heart-warming tale of love and kindness overcoming adversity has been adapted from the story Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Anderson.
A boy, Kai, is trapped in the land of frozen feelings where the masked and mysterious Snow Queen reigns, hiding from the world in self-imposed exile. There are no emotions here!
Kai’s true friend Gerda, sets out on a quest to find him, led by a strange man in black.
When the two friends are joyfully re-united, their warmth and love for each other melts the Snow Queen’s heart. The power of this love enables her to see beauty in the world and the joy of friendship.

The London Ballet Company are marking Remembrance Day - Armistice Day with the much loved production, Poppy.
2014 marked the centenary of the First World War. The war, it was proclaimed, to end all wars! The London Ballet Company’s production starkly portrays the havoc wreaked by global war on ordinary people. Seen through the innocent eyes of the child Poppy, we follow a family struggling to come to terms with the cataclysmic turn of events of 1914, as they seek to do their duty and rally to their nations cause. The turmoil of family life forever changed, innocence lost, Poppy remains, like the flower for whom she was named, a symbol of hope and of remembrance. To this day it is the evocative power of the Poppy which reminds and remonstrates the “civilised” world with loss of life involved in conflict.

Choreographed by Guest Choreographer: Rose Alice Larkings

A single soul trapped in between what was and what will be.
The comfort of a friend who accepted her existence, is no more.
Fury comes from being used, treated like a ghost even in life.
The struggle is real, the pain, angst and anger are not.
Weightless, free, insignificant, yet forever remembered, a place into which you disappear.

00 and His 7
There is only 1 secret agent who is suave, debonair, and whose talent for stopping the "bad guy", is world renowned. He is 007. On His Majesty's Secret Service, James Bond must find the diamond necklace thief. Find him and he will uncover the diabolical plot to seize control of the world's financial markets, and bring the affluent countries to their knees.

In the garden of life the story begins with Eve! The dancers of The London Ballet Company follow the journey of woman from guileless girl, to transitional teenager, and sultry siren. Relationships, petty jealousies and angst; blushing brides, parenthood, and affairs, all are portrayed with sensitivity and humour as we follow this life cycle. Que sera sera!

An Olympic Dream
The 2012 Summer Olympic Games officially known as "the Games of the XXX Olympiad", are scheduled to take place here in London from 27th July to 12th August, 2012. Athletes from 204 nations are expected to participate. An estimated 10,500 athletes will compete. There will be 302 events in 26 sports. These are the cold statistics. In a collaboration of choreographic works created by the dancers of The London Ballet Company, they proudly present a preview of this forthcoming searing spectacle.
From the origins of Greece, they travel on the underground on a journey through to the athletes in training. Newspapers proclaim the great event and the Olympic flame nears its journeys end...At last, the opening ceremony. A proud moment. Let the games begin!

Postcard From London
“Would passengers for flight BA007 to London, please make their way to Gate 14 where your plane is now ready to board!”
Once more the dancers of The London Ballet Company take ballet out of its box! Their novel and innovative vision to make ballet more approachable and current, find them developing a story with their own unique slant. If you are one of those who previously found ballet boring, then take 50 minutes out of your day, bring your lunch to The Bridewell Theatre, Fleet St. and sample a taster performance. You will be pleasantly surprised! 
With inspirational and rousing music including Land of Hope and Glory, The William Tell Overture, and Danse Macabre, we follow 3 adventurers as they set out off to London and embrace the sights and sounds they encounter in this diverse and exciting city. The London Ballet Company present – “Postcard From London”…….. wish you were here!


'Tis the night before Christmas, when all throught the house Not a creature is stirring....well...maybe a mouse? But no! 'Tis Phoebe! Tiptoeing downstairs she finds her Christmas stocking already filled. Excitedly she opens a present. What is it? Phoebe is led upon a journey of remembrance of a time ................ since Christmas past. 
The London Ballet Company review the year. They revisit 2012 with its celebration of cultural excellence and sporting achievement which has marked it out as an "annus mirabilis". Consigned to the annals of history is the "annus horribilis" of 1992 which blighted the 40th year of the accession to the throne. This year, the Jubilee year, marking 60 years in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, has been one of....Jubilation! 
Rousing music, with memorable themes including "The William Tell Overture", and "Mission Impossible"; a selection of works from composers such as Tchaikovsky and Bizet; musicians ranging fromThe London Symphony Orchestra and Bond, all conspire with the dancers of The London Ballet Company to form an extravaganza of Christmas delighted and....yes...of....Jubilation! Happy Christmas to all and to all........have a good night!